World energy consumption is increasing every year. However, there is a tendency to increase renewable energy sources. For example, in the European Union, the percentage of obtaining energy from renewable sources tends to be 20% (2020) of gross fine energy consumption.
Today's major airports consume more and more energy each year. For example, the largest airport Heathrow consumes 12 GWh! But what can be done to get the major airport to return at least some of the waste energy?
Green Blast will return lost energy! The busier the airport and the higher the takeoff frequency, the more energy Green Blast will return!
What is the Green Blast?

Green Blast Energy System is a mobile platform with an air turbine, which generator converts the energy of jet blast into electrical energy due to the equipment inside the platform (controller, inverter, accumulators) and transmits electric energy to the airport electric grid Aerodynamic elements (ducts, rear spoiler) applied against overturning.

Why is Green Blast a mobile device?

The target of the Green Blast project is to create a high-tech device, easy to use at airports, but at the same time inexpensive in production.

What about design?
In the course of research the design of Green Blast has been undergone major changes. There appeared the mobile platform with functional elements (the ducts and rear spoiler) which create ground effect. The platform has enough space to accommodate necessary equipment for the reception and conversion of the energy.

What is the economic efficiency of this project?
Green Blast technology has a huge potential to impact the future of energy consumption. Big airports worldwide are a complex commercial enterprise for which the issue of rational and profitable use of electricity is an important part of economic planning. The costs of manufacturing and installation of Green Blast pay off in just 2-3 years. To compare, an ordinary wind turbine pays for itself within 15 years. The Green Blast saves the wasted energy of the of the taking-off aircraft and returns it to the consumer, so the technology helps to save resources and as a result to also save money spent on the electricity production.
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